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Q: How do I join and where do I meet for my first class?​

A: If you are a first time participant, please register online to sign up for classes. Once you have registered and signed up for your first class, you will receive an email with instructions on where to meet and park.



Q: What do I need to bring?​

A: Bring yourself along with a willingness to get fit, challenge yourself and have fun. Also bring water and a towel (if you prefer), otherwise, we have everything else you'll need!


​Q: I haven't worked out in awhile, will this workout be too challenging for me?​

A: Not at all. We pride ourselves in offering a workout that is for all fitness levels. Sets are measured by time instead of reps so you decide how hard you want to push yourself while moving at your own pace. We also break the class into groups so advanced and novice participants can workout together in the same class.

​Q: What if I have an injury or condition?

A: While running stairs is a high impact workout, there are many other aspects to our program. Our coaches are able to make adjustments to the exercises to ensure your safety while still providing a challenging and fun experience at the stadium.  

​Q: How often should I attend class?

A: The more you workout, the more positive results you will see. We recommend an average of two to three classes a week.

Q: Can my child come to Stadium Fitness and watch while I workout?

A: Unfortunately no, due to safety and liability concerns.

Q: How old do I have to be to participate in the Stadium Fitness program?

A: Our program is for ages 14 and up.

​Q: What happens when it rains, is class still on?  

A: Classes are always on rain or shine and if it's raining, the workout is held inside the locker room.


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