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FAN Program

Stadium Fitness FAN is an 8-week Fitness, Accountability and Nutrition program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. By committing weekly to achieving just one small, easy to accomplish goal along with accountability and support, you will form new habits and create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that will empower you to be your best!


You will receive weekly workouts designed specifically for your fitness level and will also be able to join any of our online zoom classes. Our 20, 30 or 40 minute circuit training workouts combine strength, cardio and interval training that can be done anytime, anywhere. Already have a routine? We’ll analyze what you're currently doing and make any necessary adjustments to help you achieve optimal results. 

Have an injury? No problem! We will set up a consultation with our licensed physical therapist and design a program that will help you heal as well as get you fit.


When you join, you will work directly with David Liston, Founder of Stadium Fitness. You will meet via Zoom on a weekly basis during the 8-week program and he will educate, support and motivate you in a positive way to help you reach your goals. By being held accountable you can expect to remain committed, engaged and achieve lifelong results.


We will create a nutrition plan tailored specifically to you. We will not change everything you eat and will not ask you to deprive yourself of food or beverages you enjoy. We will simply educate you on the importance of not only WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat it, how food fuels your body and how your blood sugar level affects weight loss and gain. With small weekly changes, we will help you create healthy, sustainable new habits formed from achieving easy to accomplish goals.

Our Philosophy:

At Stadium Fitness we believe in moderation, not deprivation; the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn, the more weight you lose; and weekly accountability creates consistency which leads to lasting results. 


$299 - 8-week program

*Ask about our family discounts!


To begin your journey to a healthy, happier "new you", please use the sign up button below and once you have completed your purchase a welcome email will follow to schedule your first meet.

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